INTER-Mediator Manifesto

It's always required to development work to obtain the system that we want to use or want to provide .
Various services are offered nowadays, but they will not satisfy all requirements.
They might be inconvenient because of slight differences between implementations and requrements such as arrangement on the screen or action when pressing the button.

Although we have to ask a developer to develop a system, the problem is we could not get the system as I expected and it was discussed for many years.
The fundamental problem is that system users are not involved in development.
It's hard work to build the system for system integration professionals with using technological knowledge especially development languages.
As a result, it may be natural that system users will not be able to get out of hand.

INTER-Mediator is trying to change the current situation greatly.
The skeleton of the database-driven Web system can be created with HTML and configuration file by using INTER-Mediator.
Unlike systems developed in development languages, the process of developing based on an abstracted design is not major parts. We can run the development with based on the page design such as what page you want to show.
Learning costs are not high if it is page creation to materialize the basic needs.

Of course, professional help is necessary to include complex requirements, sophisticated user experience into the system.
INTER-Mediator has both aspect “easy to make” and “function can be firmly built”.
The user visualizes their requirements by describing the HTML code etc., and the professional developer makes it work smoothly.
INTER-Mediator is a framework that supports users to be able to participate in development on their own initiative.

Because development work is easy, it seems to you that what you can do is just limited.
INTER-Mediator realizes software reuse without using so-called object-oriented methods.
Software for Web applications already made is incorporated in INTER-Mediator, and it does not differ from other frameworks in terms of using it.
INTER-Mediator realizes reuse in its own way of thinking in the world centered on HTML and provides extensibility.

As the system is assembled with fewer descriptions, it can be expected that development time will be shorter and shorter if you become familiar with the mechanism.
What do you do with the extra time? Is it only bought cheaply?
If you can save development work time, use that time to have more dialogue with system users.
Also, it may be a good idea to spend more time testing the involvement of system users.
Let's assume that time has been secured for making a better system and creating a system with high user satisfaction.

Unfortunately, for developers who recognize that programming as writing is a development, INTER-Mediator may seem to be meaningless.
We do not deny that person's skill, but we need to consider whether or not emphasis is placed on programs in development languages ​​to meet user needs.
There is circumstance that the system can not be completed unless you write quite a lot of code in the current development, and very high technical skill is required to realize the needs of system users.
The idea of “System development = programming” is not a mistake, but there are many things to do other than programming, and the ratio of INTER-Mediator is just different.
Even in the development of INTER-Mediator, it is necessary to write programs in order to handle information processing, data analysis, work processing according to workflow. If you are good developer who good at programming, we'd like you to look back and make a game change.

INTER-Mediator is not a “non-programming” tool. At least HTML code needs to be written.
Buzzword called “non-programming” is an incorrect catchphrase. Many “non-programming products” are merely saying that there is no programming in the development language.
Even if it is possible to proceed with setting with tools, if it is necessary to build steps, it means that programming is necessary in a broad sense.
Therefore, INTER-Mediator does not dare to say non-programming.

It goes without saying that the importance of tools in development is important. INTER-Mediator only has a simple tool built in.
In a passive sense, we are concentrating on the operation of the core part rather than spending limited development resources for the tool.
In addition, it can be said that the tool is a material with strong linkage with business development.
If someone wants to advance business with INTER-Mediator, we think that it is optimal to create a tool tailored to the target.
We also do not want to spare support for such activities.
The INTER-Mediator Directive Committee is focusing on managing the core part's policy and actually building it.

In order to clarify the contribution to system development thought by INTER-Mediator, we created a manifesto.

INTER-Mediator Directive Committee,
Representative Masayuki Nii