is a web development framework.
Develop Simply, Realize Ideals.

INTER-Mediator Manifesto is revealed.
We made the manifesto which INTER-Mediator aims for and what it aims at what can be done.

"INTER-Mediator e-Learning Course" is offered for you. They are covering from the basic to the advanced topics with lectures and exercises. The language is Japanese and 5,400JPY. You could purchase it from here.

Movies for people want to glance at NTER-Mediator are available. These shows the VM to trial and the INTER-Mediator hands-on sessions. The presenter speaks in Japanese. You can start from this page.

The fundamental communication between database and web page establishes just declarative way without programming.


Complex requirements and user interactions can be handled with programming.

Demo of INTER-Mediator (Japanese)

Supported Servers and Browsers

PHP is required for the server-side program. The client-side program is working with JavaScript. HTML5 savvy browsers can work fine.


Please see the page of "Download, Installation and the Deployment System". INTER-Mediator is supplied under MIT License.